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Tactical Urban Defense

Tactical Urban Defense

Instructor Brad demonstrating gun disarming and counter attack techniques

Let’s face it, the world isn’t getting any safer. Just take a look at the local news and it is a quick reminder of how violent and brutal society can be. Muggings, Assaults with weapons or multiple attackers is common place in many urban areas and even suburban areas as of late. Nothing is more important than being able to protect yourself and your family if threatened with a violent attack. Technique is only half of the battle. One’s “mindset” is equally important when threatened. This needs to be learned and trained just like technique. You will do learn both in our Tactical Urban Defense Course. You’ll take comfort knowing that you can protect your family if need be and walk away from this personal defense course feeling empowered.

“Many of the techniques taught in this class are used by special operatives from Blackwater USA, now called XE. They are highly skilled “elite” contractors hired by our government to fight over seas and are often referred to as our “shadow army” because the media does not know how much they help our country. Rather, the media tends to portray them as mercenaries because the Department of Defense Pays them for what they do. Many of them are ex-Navy Seals who furthered their skill set and are now some of the world’s most skilled operatives. They literally were door to door in Iraq and Afghanistan and brought back the latest and greatest, battle tested techniques for urban warfare. Our Chief Instructor, Brad Daddis has learned many skills and tactics from Blackwater USA’s training facility in North Carolina and from these elite units. He continues to make his pilgrimages to Blackwater and other Special Operations training facilities and shares what he’s learned with you in this course.

What does Tactical Urban Defense consist of? Practical self-defense, armed and unarmed defense and offense, close quarters combat, self defense scenario training, physical conditioning, escapes from commonly used holds, self defense psychology, mental conditioning, controlling fear, panic and adrenaline, “fight stoppers”, verbal tactics, defense against multiple attackers, using everyday objects as weapons and much more! Some of the martial art techniques you will use in the course originate from Modified MMA, Krav Maga and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. But, we consider T.U.D to be less of a martial arts class and more of a combat survival class. The tactical and fighting techniques used in the class are the same being used by U.S. Special Forces, Israeli Military, Private Security And Dignitary Protection Contractors In Iraq And Afghanistan and S.W.A.T. Teams across America. The techniques used in the class are “battle tested” and proven to work.

Instructor Joe demonstrating knife defense

Special Operations and Navy Seals a like need to be specialists in dealing with counterinsurgency and gorilla warfare in urban settings. Special Forces and Navy SEALS have many aspects of training to deal with. Their duties are not limited to self-defense. They must learn everything from extraction, to underwater training, to intelligence gathering, special reconnaissance, counter terrorism and more! They simply don’t have a lot of time to invest in self-defense alone. They need a system that will teach them quickly and effectively
how to deal with assault scenarios. Like Special Forces training, our course omits any technique that will not work or that does not have a high percentage effective rate. No fancy martial arts techniques just to look pretty. Simply what gets the job done and is quick and easy to learn.
Reality based training and simple, practical technique is the key ingredient in our Tactical Urban Defense Course. The course is designed to teach you self-defense and like many special operations teams, in the shortest amount of time possible. The class is perfect for people who are too busy to commit to a full time martial arts class. We provide tactical solutions to violent assault scenarios that will help students to stay calm, be decisive and react accordingly to a violent encounter. Learning how to control the “Adrenaline Dump” created by the body’s “flight or fight” response is paramount. All of the technique in the world means nothing if you can’t control your adrenaline response. This course will show you why and how to deal with it and use it to your advantage. A typical “self-defense” class won’t teach you this. We know more about the criminal mind now more than ever and how to successfully deal with it. This course incorporates modern techniques that are proven to work.

The Tactical Urban Defense curriculum is especially effective in its use of defending against weapons. Gun, knife and blunt object threats are an example where the system practices realistic and safe training scenarios. Tactical Urban Defense is the perfect supplement to most “empty hand” martial arts that do not focus on defending against weapons. It is a simple way to bridge the gap between fighting in a cage or a ring and fighting in the street. It is recommended that this course be taken in conjunction with one of our full time martial arts programs, but not necessary.

T.U.D.’s primary focus is on personal safety for men and woman with or without prior self-defense training. The first course is a level 1, 8 week course. There is a level 2, 8 week course that is more advanced and a great follow up after the completion of level 1. Urban Defense is the perfect way to round out your over all training as a martial artist. There will be no self-defense scenario you will not have prepared for. Those who pass the course successfully receive a Tactical Urban Defense medal and certificate of completion, they will also be eligible to move on to level 2.

When forced to fight with no rules, you must be ready!


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